I'm currently a second year PhD student in the Department of Chemistry at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. I work with Mats Jonsson and Tore Brinck on interfacial radiation chemistry.


My research project at KTH aims to develop better models for chemical processes at surfaces between water and metals/metal oxides driven by ionizing radiation. In the study of these phenomena I often need to test a model by formulating it mathematically and solving it numerically using a combination of own specially written software and standard numerical libraries.

In order the get information on how fast a proposed chemical process is I turn to quantum chemistry. By doing ab initio modelling of small molecular models you can get energetics of a reaction accurate enough to predict kinetic parameters.

The software that I write are publicly available on github. The reason for why I publish my work there is twofold:

  • It facilitates reproducibile research
  • Other scientists are may use and improve upon my software.

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