chempy.electrochemistry package


chempy.electrochemistry.nernst module

chempy.electrochemistry.nernst.nernst_potential(ion_conc_out, ion_conc_in, charge, T, constants=None, units=None, backend=<module 'math' from '/opt/cpython-3.7/lib/python3.7/lib-dynload/'>)[source]

Calculates the Nernst potential using the Nernst equation for a particular ion.

ion_conc_outfloat with unit

Extracellular concentration of ion.

ion_conc_infloat with unit

Intracellular concentration of ion.


Charge of the ion.

Tfloat with unit

Absolute temperature.

constantsobject (optional, default: None)
Constant attributes accessed:

F - Faraday constant R - Ideal Gas constant

unitsobject (optional, default: None)

Unit attributes: coulomb, joule, kelvin, mol.

backendmodule (optional, default: math)

Module used to calculate log using log method, can be substituted with sympy to get symbolic answers.

Membrane potential.