Status update week 10 GSoC

Refactoring lambdify

In my work to refactor lambdify I had come up with a solution where I would dynamically subclass the CodePrinters in lambdify to add translations from the old translation dictionaries. I was not happy with the solution and I don't think Aaron was either, we decided to keep the old import mechanism of lambdify which populated the namespace (instead of trying to generate code for the used imports which I had been trying).

So the work on refactoring lambdify has continued in #13046. And with this <> commit I hope we are close to getting the new version of lambdify out the door.

New FloatType representation

With some underlying assumptions about floating point representation (two's complement etc.) I have now a new representation of FloatType. I'm much happier with this representation and I think with it #12693 is much closer to getting merged.


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