Status update week 12 GSoC

Working on new AST nodes

#13100 is shaping up to be the largest PR of my GSoC project. The design of the new AST nodes especially (Token) is really helpful. But there is still a design issue: some nodes would naturally take different arguments depending on what language is being targeted. So I came to the conclusion that I needed some way of representing attributes. The solution I came up with would be to have a slightly more capable Node class (subclassing Token) which would in turn be subclassed from for nodes that need attributes.

I also enhanced the printing of both of these classes and introduced a String class, which in contrast to Symbol does not accept assumptions in its constructor, and does not have implied printing rules of sub- & superscript etc.

Adding .codegen.algorithms

A new submodule .codegen.algorithms was added, containing a AST generating function for Newton's method. This makes a nice design target for both the printers and AST nodes: being able to express the same AST in differnt languages is definitely an indication that we have a versatile printing system.

Compiling code on the fly

Introducing the .codegen.algorithms module also made the need to test generated code during CI runs clear. Jason Moore has previously mentioned that he thinks one of my python packages (pycompilation) would fit nicely into SymPy. I've been a bit relucatant to port it over since I have felt that it has not seen enough testing (and only under Linux). But now there was a need and we could start by making it an internal package only used by our own tests. That way it will get to mature without having to worry about deprecation cycles. And once more platforms are added to SymPy's CI configuration it would also see testing on other platforms (using AppVeyor for SymPy has been discussed for a long while now).


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