Status update week 13 GSoC

This was the last week of work on GSoC. I have been hard at work improving documentation and examples for the code.

Adding much needed documentaiton

I've spent the weekend adding examples and writing up documentation for my big PR #13100 which is not yet merged. I am quite excited how this PR turned out and I am happy with the design of the underlying AST nodes.


A new submodule .codegen.rewriting was added (in #13194), this allows a user to rewrite expressions using special math functions. The provided rules are those to rewrite to C99's special math functions (expm1, log1p etc.). I think it will be a useful addition (I have myself had the need for exactly this in my own research). The design is quite simple thanks to the excellt replace function in SymPy. There are still some corner cases (I have an "xfailed" test checked in for example).


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