Status update week 7 GSoC

This was an exciting week. I flew to Autstin, TX to attend the SciPy 2017 conference. On Monday morning Aaron Meurer, Jason Moore, Kenneth Lyons and I gave our new tutorial on code-generation. You can view the tutorial here:

You can even follow along the tutorial video in a jupyter notebook in your browser (thanks to the generous hosting by the folks at

It was nice to see that quite a few people were using SymPy for code-generation in the community. And coincidentally a proper Python code printer was requested by some users (this is on my todo-list for this summers project).

At the end of the conference there were also sprints, and SymPy did sprint as well. For my project, the greatest benefit from the sprints was that I got to discuss design choices wiht Aaron. We now have a plan for how to deal with types in the code-printers, so now it is "only" a matter of writing up the code to get it to work.


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