Status update week 9 GSoC

This week has been mostly spent on two refactoring lambdify and enhancing the representation of types in our AST nodes under .codegen.ast

Refactoring lambdify

The tricky business of chaning lambdify to use our new CodePrinter (or more importantly: letting the user pass their own subclasses continues).

There are currently dictionaries in sympy.utilities.lambdify which contains translations of SymPy entities to functions in corresponding targeted python module (e.g. NumPy functions if the numpy module is targeted). This week I've worked toward removing dependence on these, and instead rely on the user providing print methods instead.

Work on types in .codegen.ast

In my WIP PR for AST nodes I have made more type related changes. I've also changed the Fortran printer to use the new type information. I am not 100% satisfied with the way the floating point types are being represented at the moment (I'm using floating point numbers to store the max, min and epsilon values for example). I will probably rewrite those classes to use the underlying number of bits for mantissa and exponent as the canonical data for the class instances.

I finished up the new PythonCodePrinter in #12808. And I have started work locally on having the NumPy- and Mpmath-printers subclass this new CodePrinter. Both of these printers were previously subclassing LambdaPrinter, so the change is a bit intrusive with lots of failing tests in the SymPy test suite. But this is a prerequisite for changing sympy.utilities.lambdify to accept custom CodePrinter subclasses as user input.


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